Blog 1: Introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is Yvonne Tunnicliffe, aka Eve Photography. I am currently completing my third year in photography at Whitireia Polytechnic, in Porirua and also at our Kapiti base in Raumati Beach.

Since being involved with photography, my life has been revitalised, I  have been given an opportunity to see things differently and creatively. My genres of choice are documentary and fine art portrait photography. For me they balance out my love for reality and dream like imagery.

My audience really depends, as a lot of my work revolves around documentary projects and how I feel towards the subject. The fine art photography is more of a creative outlet rather than a selling aspect. My work is intended to be thought provoking and targeted at people with an open mind.

On a less serious note, my new body of work for the year is all go! I am concentrating on a documentary about the history of north island and its marae’s and the importance of their identity as maori. This is both out of personal interest and gain for knowledge as a native maori myself the lose of my tradition and knowledge.

As a photographer, it is always good to be inspired by artists and photographers. My influence this year would have to be the amazing Ans Westra, NZ’s most well known female documentary photographer. As lucky as I am, with one rather shaky, hesitant phone call I asked the Ans Westra to be my mentor for my Body of work. To my surprise she accepted. So I look forward to having her on board to help and guide me this year.

I know you’re all probably thinking, that’s huge!! Well if you folks know me, you’ll know I like to take on rather large projects that interest me. They are usually the projects that inspire me and are worth the commitment. For me, the ultimate satisfaction with my work is saying “I can do this!” and doing it 100%. So watch this space.

Cheers guys!!


Image taken by Yvonne Tunnicliffe

Image taken by Yvonne Tunnicliffe


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