Blog 5: Reflection on the last 5 weeks blogging



Hey guys,

Week 5 already and today I just want to reflect on the last 5 weeks as a first time blogger.

So far my blogs have been research on inspiring artists, follower bloggers and blogging resources to help people like myself. Each post I have learnt a bit more about how to be a fantastic blogger, its just early days at the moment but I will get there.

Todays follower count is 15!……woo hoo! not bad I say for a few weeks in, and I have had 6 positive comments from fellow friends and bloggers, and one reply from one of my inspiring artist blogger, Cheers Kyle!

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 11.03.55 AM

So far I have enjoyed my new venture into the world of blogging, so thanks to those for following, I look forward to blogging more soon.

Whats next? stay tuned as I begin my year working on my new body of work, it’s going to be one busy year and I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.






Blog 4: Blogging to market yourself for dummies!

Welcome to ‘Blogging to market yourself for dummies!’ are we ready for some easy tips on how to promote yourself using your blog? Well here goes ……..

Reading through the links I found were, for me insightful and very helpful. To be completely honest I had a ‘wow wee’ moment myself, so because I’m so nice I thought I would share :).

Tip 1: Questions

Starting out isn’t always the easiest, but I am a firm believer that writing down questions will allow you to fine tune your blogging.  What I mean by this, is asking honest questions for example: What are you trying to promote via blogging? What is your target audience? Is what your saying keeping your readers up to date? Are you trying to generate leads to increase web traffic?

Once you have this list all ready to go, I think you will start to narrow down what is more important and was is needed to promote yourself successfully.

Tip 2: Being original and setting the tone

Selling yourself shouldn’t be hard, a blog should be about you. You don’t need to be a fantastic writer, the tone of the blog should reflect your personality. Having your own flavour is the key to sticking out.

Tip 3: Good Content

Consider what value you are giving your audience when blogging, is what your saying keeping your readers up to date? It also helps having valuable views and opinions, information readers will want to read and take on board. I guess it comes back to the list of questions, who are you writing for? being able to visualise an ideal reader will allow your writing to become more vivid and engaging.

Tip 4: Writing skills

Like I said earlier, you don’t need to be a genius when it comes to blogging. Writing shouldn’t be a huge worry, what you do need to know is some rather easy pointers to get you started. To engage your readers, make your writing more conversational, talk to your readers not at them. Try to keep your conversation appealing so readers will want to leave a message, create enticing opening paragraphs that will grab attention. A good conclusion will also help and will hopefully keep your readers interested for the next blog.

So fellow blogger dummies those are my tips, I’m not a expert but I am hoping you all get to take something away from this. There are two links available below, please read them they really made me think about my own style of blogging.

Good luck folks!

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” (Brian Clark)


Blog 3: Don’t freak! running a photography business is a breeze!

Did I get your attention? Great! now the good news is running a business is not too hard, for some it would freak them out.

Thank goodness for social media, blogging and sites that are now dedicated to helping fellow photographers to gather information, to guide them through what can be sometimes a rather hectic process. All I can say is take a breath, relax and start going through the list, ticking off one thing at a time.

So here are some links I have found to hopefully ease the pain and set you on your way.


What I find helpful about this site first of all is that a free ebook of information is available for download. It gives an insight into other photographers dealings with starting up a business in photography. Second part of the book looks into the basics of planning your finances and how to create an appropriate business entity.
Worth a look if your interested in a simple breakdown of what is necessary.


The link above provides primarily a look into what is needed to market yourself, figuring out what sort of specialised photography you want to work in.
It also talks about building your portfolio and online marketing which are both are hugely important aspects of starting a business. This is a very straight forward look into building a business, and does inform you of what you need to know and why without the complications.


I really enjoyed this site for a few reasons; it’s a photographers perspective on starting up your business, it looks into what your strengths and fears are before you begin. And finally reasonable questions and lists to yourself about the whys and whats.
I would recommend this blog if you have questions that you want answered before you get down to the nitty gritty stuff.


This site was pretty blunt, but it was useful with aspects around knowing your camera gear before taking on jobs, working on better processing methods,finding clients that will pay for your work and so on. Pretty painless and easy to read.


Last link is more aimed at wedding photographers, but has its place when it comes to what is needed to get your business running. I found this site to be more detailed with a clear breakdown of categories, which link from one section to another. If you require more in depth answers this is the site to look at.

I hope this gives those photographers who are ready to take the plunge in running a business an idea of what is required. Good luck folks!